My Own Deoxyribonucleic Acid

That’s right. Today I extracted my own DNA.

It’s from my cheek. The white-ish clear-ish strands are actually DNA wrapped around proteins. It looks like this in a cell:

A cell

A cell, chomosome, packed DNA, DNA double helix, and then the DNA sequence. I DO NOT own this photo, I did not create it, and I hereby fully credit its owner.

A few weeks ago, when we started genetics, I found that Watson and Crick, who are mainly credited with discovering the shape of DNA, actually did not. They used Rosalind Franklin’s X-ray diffraction  images and built their studies upon that. Then they received the credit and got a Nobel prize. Rosalind Franklin was dead by then, so she didn’t. If I was Rosalind Franklin and I knew that a couple of other scientists were using my images and getting credited for that then I would….well, I’ll leave it at that for now.

A few facts about DNA:

  • Adenine, guanine, thymine, and cytosine (A pairs with T, G pairs with C) are the chemical bases in DNA. TIP: you can remember that adenine pairs with thymine and cytosine pairs with guanine because the letter ‘A’ is made of straight lines and so is a ‘T’. ‘C’s and ‘G’s are rounded letters.
  • It exists in every cell except for red blood cells.
  • A strand of DNA when unraveled can be as long as a standard door way (6 ft. or 72 in.)

Book reviews are coming soon. 🙂


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