Bite-Sized Post: Photo Editing Tips

Here are 3 tips for getting as much as you can out of apps like Repix, Photo Toaster, Fotor, or Pixlr-o-Matic on your iPhone or iPad.


Tip #1: Don’t be afraid to edit outside the box.

Try out funky and unusual effects, clash different colors, and play with frames and lighting. Try combinations of effects and themes, and you might find something that you like. Even if you don’t, it’s fun to expand your horizon.


Tip #2: Mess around with all kinds of photography and photo editing apps.

Regularly check for photo apps that are free but don’t be afraid to purchase occasionally. Also, make an attempt to use a medley of applications and software to enhance a single photo. Try editing a photo using 5 different apps.


Tip #3: Take snapshots of ANYTHING.

Scroll through the photos on your phone or computer and see if there is a certain way you take photos, or a type of setting or person that you photograph more than others. Don’t be hesitant to snap a quick and blurry photo of a flower, (and don’t delete photos that aren’t perfect.) If you mainly take pictures of people, take more of nature or animals, and vice versa.



I hope these tips help you discover more about photo editing and photography. The main point is: photograph and edit what no one else does.  😉


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