Thrift Stores, Pictures, and Cinnamon Rolls

A few days ago, we went to a giant thrift store to donate. And no, it didn’t stop there. We decided to look around. A couple hours later, we emerged, carrying 3 full plastic sacks of goodies. There’s nothing wrong with that — we donate 4 full bags and buy 3 full bags. Here are some key benefits of thrift shopping…:

  1. You can find some unique and quirky things.
  2. You can buy a few bag’s worth of clothing and spend 1/4 of the amount you would in a department store.
  3. Buying from thrift stores usually goes to a charity.
  4. When you donate at certain stores, you receive a discount on your next purchase.
  5. It’s fun!!


In the end, I walked out with a cute Merona jean jacket, a pretty scarf, a unique wood carved elephant candle holder, a blue and white Asian vase, a record of Russian folk music for displaying, (I have 2 in my collection, and the records they sell at this store are 49 cents), and a pair of almost-new Dansko sandals that were a bargain at $6.99!



I have been doing less editing lately, but I did manage to do a few. This one is my favorite. (There is a tutorial for this hair style/curling method coming up, right after I post the hair bow DIY.)


photo 1


Yesterday, my mom made gluten free, dairy free cinnamon rolls, and they tasted amazing. She made a butter pecan frosting to go with it. You kind of have to taste them to understand how great they are, especially for being gluten free. We all have celiac, so cooking gluten free is a necessity for us. (Learn more about her cooking skills here.) If you participate in this poll, then I can post more recipes with your food allergies or sensitivities in mind!



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