Outdoor Photography and Reverse Videos

I’ve been doing some photo posts lately, so I decided to do a real post with words. Over the past couple weeks, I took lots of pictures of my backyard: the trees, blossoms, flowers, new plants, and tulips… (also, you can see that I’ve been using A Beautiful Mess‘ new photography app available on the App Store!)





My brother and I bought an app that reverses videos, and we have had a BLAST playing around with that. Some things to experiment with if you like reverse videos:


  • Pick flowers = place flowers and join them to their stems
  • Spray water = draw up water from the ground
  • Jump out of a tree (carefully!) = leap into a tree
  • Eat food = take food out of your mouth whole/
  • Tear paper into little pieces and sprinkle them = pick up pieces of paper using “the Force” and join them seamlessly.
  • Crinkle paper up = smooth paper out


Have fun!


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