My Crazy Life

Ok. We just moved for the 3 billionth time, and have been going back and forth from our new house to the old house, cleaning every surface vigorously and loading and moving all the boxes that the movers missed. (They didn’t do a very good job. But that’s beside the point.) Now, we haven’t even unpacked the kitchen yet, (or anything else, for that matter) and in less than a week we are driving through the night to go to a relative’s graduation. Before that, there are two birthdays, unpacking, finding where stuff is, unpacking, deciding what to do with a giant cabinet that’s too tall for the house, unpacking, homework for online classes, and of course, we have to pack for the road trip. I kind of have to go into my happy fantasy place, and repeat the mantra, “Every little thing will be all right” like I’m Bob Marley or something. So keep your reality away from me.


Oh well. Here is a quick recipe for sweet blackberry Greek yogurt. I actually made this for breakfast yesterday, so it’s perfect for a crazy lifestyle.


Blackberry Greek Yogurt


You’ll need:

1/2 cup 0% fat strained Greek yogurt

2 tablespoons blackberry jam (not to be confused with jelly, which has none of the fruit pieces)


Stir the Greek yogurt until smooth. Add 1 tablespoon of the jam. Stir. Add the remaining tablespoon. Stir again. Enjoy with sliced pears or topped with honey. Now hurry up and eat it before you are late for that class.


I haven’t posted any photos, and I would post this one on the Recipes page if I had time to, but I have to go. It’s midnight.


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