Remember me??

I haven’t posted in forever (or at least it seems like it) and still have no photos to post yet. I promise, when everything settles down, I will upload pictures of birthday cake, baked macaroni and cheese, quinoa salad, and desserts! I have photos of it all.


One day, I went garage sale hunting with my aunt, uncle, and one of my cousins. It was hard to find some sales that hadn’t been closed already because it was so hot out. Anyway, we found a couple. At the last one, I bought a Chinese bamboo plate I plan on Mod-podging, a pack of unused, unopened hair curlers, and a 1/2(?) inch curling iron. I disinfected the curling iron and cleaned it completely, and it works great. My cousin bought a letter opener, and my aunt and uncle bought juice glasses and books. At the end, the woman in charge sold us everything for $3.00. End thoughts: I LOVE garage sales.


In our new house, I have been doing some major work on my room that is post-worthy. I also have a handful of crafty ideas (lanterns, decorating light switch plate, crepe paper flower decorations, etc.), that I still have to work on. I will post more about this later when I have photos.


The one quote I can think of that is useful for this time in my life is ‘Keep Calm and Carry On.”



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