Big Healthy Salad and an Update

It’s been a crazy, fast summer and I finished my first week of school. It all went by so fast but it was very fun. We went to a water park, amusement parks, ate watermelon and played dominoes, went back to school shopping and finished unpacking our house. Although summer was a blast, I’m ready for fall. I haven’t been posting lately, however I’ll start blogging more in the next few weeks as school progresses. So to make up for the lack of posts, I decided to share a recipe with you! This salad is full of natural vitamins and fresh produce and it’s easy to make.


Big Healthy Salad


You’ll need:

One bowl or plate full of fresh, chopped romaine lettuce or fresh spinach leaves

A small handful of…

  • fresh corn
  • fresh chopped tomatoes
  • parmesan cheese, grated

Half a cucumber, sliced

Half a fresh bell pepper, chopped

A few slices of pickled beets (optional)



Combine all ingredients and enjoy!


I’ll also post an entry with photos from the summer. 😉


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