Fall Decoration Ideas

As the leaves begin to turn and fall and the temperature begins to cool off, I can’t help but get excited for the colder months ahead. To get in the mood for autumn, I decided to share some of my own bedroom decorating ideas for fall.

First collage:

1, 2 – Use Christmas lights. To create a soft glow, use white Christmas tree lights. If you want, paint a sheer coat of an orange or golden yellow heat resistant or outdoor paint. Dry fully (about 1 day) and then use. If you do this, do NOT leave the lights on for an extended period of time.

3 – Make paper trees. Make trees out of brown paper bags. To learn how, click here.

4 – Hang autumn-inspired art. Nothing says ‘fall’ more than golden, orange, red, and brown leaves and pumpkins.


Second collage:

1 – Use natural wood bowls to hold makeup brushes or jewelry. Natural brown is a characteristic of fall and winter.

2 – Show off traditional folk and Russian patterns. Drape a Russian patterned shawl or scarf over chairs and beanbags.

3 – Display dried and hollow gourds and squash. To preserve the gourd longer, paint Mod Podge over the entire surface after it is completely dried out. To see if it’s dry, shake it gently. If you hear seeds ratting, it’s dry. Also, tap on the side. If it sounds hollow and dry, it’s ready for Mod Podge.

4 – Use baskets to hold accessories. The basket is kind of a “fall symbol”. They’re also great for organization.


Third collage:

1 – Use lava lamps. If you don’t have Christmas lights. lava lamps also create a soft glow and they are a retro and fun replacement.

2 – Find golden/orange/brown accented mirrors, brushes, and decorations. Candles are also a must.


Thank for reading. Happy fall!


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