Dairy Free Bhakti Chai

Although I’ve been counting the days until sweater weather, I can’t think of anything to post that’s autumn-y. All I could think of is fruit and iced teas despite the fact that it’s already October. As the weather got colder and leaves began to fall, I finally, finally, had an idea. Why not post a chai recipe? I was making some today and decided to share it.


Dairy Free Bhakti Chai


Bhakti chai concentrate

Silk PureAlmond almond milk (vanilla)

A teacup


Mix together a 1:1 ratio of chai concentrate and almond milk. If the concentrate is sweetened, then there’s no need to use additional sweeteners. However, if it is not sweetened, add a small amount of honey or stevia. Heat the chai mixture over medium heat in a pot on a stovetop for hot chai. Pour hot chai into teacup and enjoy!


I have to admit — I’m a sucker for hot drinks in fall. So fill up your coffee mugs and pull on your sweaters to help me ring in the chilly days ahead!


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