Blue Hats, Nose Pickers, and Name Tags

It’s been awhile since my last post. I haven’t deserted this blog though. Lately I’ve been keeping busy with day-to-day life and school and sports. I’ve been actively writing, attending Muay Thai classes, and I’m in the thick of a psychology course online, all of which have been engaging and refreshing. Learning new things is fascinating.
In fact, I have decided today’s post will be about learning. I recently read (in the psychology course) that there was a psychologist who stated that to learn was to observe. And I’ve found that to be true. Just observing small details around us can enrich everyday experiences and tune your perception to a level that even you may have never thought possible. Supermarkets, sidewalks, and streets are perfect to use to exercise your mind. As a test, look around for a moment, then close your eyes and try to remember how many blue hats, nose pickers, or name tags you saw. Call up random questions to keep your mind on its toes. If that were possible.
The act of being aware of your surroundings, however pointlessly dull or exceedingly paranoid it may seem to you, may actually serve to save your life or another’s one day. It’s worth the ongoing practice. After all, we learn from the second we are born to the second we die, so why not make it a better overall experience?
One never knows their own limits until they are surpassed and a new point is set forth, this time a goal.


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