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These are some school projects, what I’m learning, sources, and tips for learning techniques. View the latest At the Desk post here.

Great sources:

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SCIENCE :: Interested in extracting and isolating your own DNA? Carolina Kits will not only get you started but will also provide an entire kit with everything you need to isolate and extract your own cheek cell DNA.


SCIENCE :: Want to learn more about your body? It’s far from boredom at Anatomy Arcade. Play fun games while learning about the cardiovascular system, bacteria, viruses, the skeleton, and more.


GRAMMAR :: Is it “your” or “you’re”? What does “caprice” mean? Brush up on your vocabulary and grammar skills on Ohio University’s Department of Linguistics website. This handy website has quizzes, tests, dictionaries, and other helpful student resources.



At the Desk Science Suggestion (from me):

On, my personal favorite is either Pandemic II or Bacteria Tower Defense under the Just for Fun category. Try them out and tell me what you think!


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