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Countdown to Launch!

As you may have noticed, on the right bar there is a countdown to the 23rd. That’s when this blog is LIVE to the world. There will be…

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  • this new theme (Adelle. I love it!)
  • more pictures + posts
  • more DIYs
  • (hopefully) more comments + views
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I have categorized this post in The Scribbling Pixie’s Fantastic Idea because it is a fantastic idea. 🙂 Be sure to tell your friends about The Scribbling Pixie and tell them to enter the cookie contest!!!

School Today and a Quote

I would like to start today’s post with a quote:

“Perfection is boring! Perfection is empty!   Perfection is nothingness!

–David Almond’s My Name Is Mina


I agree with this quote, although you can’t neglect perfection completely. What I mean is, it is a good thing to aim for, but it’s not all that attainable. Anyway, today in school, I did VERY well in math, and have found out about a writing contest (information here) in which I could get $5000 for my school and $5000 for my family/me. Since I’m home schooled, that’s $10,000 for MY FAMILY AND I!! Yay! I have to complete the essay and send it in 2 weeks. Yesterday, I got a Hubert’s Lemonade (strawberry) at the grocery store. Surprisingly, the entire 16 oz. bottle had only 14g of sugar! This is because of stevia. A can of Hansen’s soda that has less drink in it has almost exactly triple the amount of sugar. Some people say “Well, lemonade and soda are different things. You can’t compare them.”  But you can.  Upon further research, I found that Hubert’s Lemonade is made by Hansen’s. Interesting. A can of Coca Cola has 36g of sugar but partially hydrogenated corn syrup. OVERALL, I would rather drink Hubert’s Lemonade. Which is really good. And the bottles look really cool.

Photo credit: Tumblr

Photo credit: Tumblr

Here’s a lemonade recipe so you can make your own. This evening we are going to archery practice. More later.


If you are interested in the DNA extraction, then here is some information about the kit we used. We used a Carolina Kit which included 70% ethanol, a sports drink for collecting the cheek cells, a cell lysis solution, pipettes, test tubes, and small plastic pendants with string for holding placing the DNA in to wear as a necklace. It was very fun and didn’t require any extra equipment or fancy tools.

Finally, I have uploaded book reviews for a couple books. Let me know what books you want me to review!