Homemade Temporary Hair Dye!

Get ready for the warmer months ahead and show a little color to brighten things up!
If you have blond or light brown hair, this works best. If your hair is darker, then you may want to bleach it out a little first. DON’T bleach your hair without professional instructions or a kit!! This works best with small sections of hair.

Temporary Hair Dye
You’ll need:
1 plastic bowl
1 plastic spoon
An assortment of food coloring
1/4 cup water
In the plastic bowl, mix the vinegar, water, and 10 drops of any color you want. Dip a small section of your hair into the bowl of dye. Soak for 1 – 2 minutes. Dry just a little with a paper towel. Pull back the rest of your hair and secure away from the dyed part. Blow dry the dyed section on medium/cool setting on a blow dryer. Enjoy your fab new look! To remove, wash hair. If the dye doesn’t come out one time, try again. If the dye is still in, click here for a solution. Here are some color mixes for you to try out:


1 part red + 1/2 part yellow = red orange

2 parts yellow + 1 part red = yellow orange

2 parts blue + 1 part red = blue purple

2 parts red + 1 part blue = red purple

2 parts blue + 1 part yellow = blue green


BOO! Hahaha…:P

Enjoy! Have a great day.


Estelle the Model

On the hairstyles page, there is a model for styling. Her name is Estelle. Some people are disturbed by her — but she is just a head — and anyway I put together this gallery of Estelle.

And another: