Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Pancakes

For breakfast this morning, I decided to make pancakes with nutmeg, vanilla, a mini chocolate chips. I used Pamela’s Gluten Free Baking Mix for pancakes and the recipe on the back of the package. Instead of water, I added milk. Then a handful of these tiny chocolate chips.
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My Online Class and Summer Prints

Although it’s summer, and I don’t have school anymore, I wanted to share a little bit of my writing experience with an online class. I finished my third online writing class with Stanford University on June 21st. At my first class in 2012, the experience as a whole was above my expectations. I thought that it would be difficult to work with, and that I probably wouldn’t learn much since it would be online and distant. Not at all! I learned a lot about writing advanced expository essays, my subject in the essay, and made friends who lived in Hong Kong. The teacher was very nice, explained everything thoroughly, answered every question, and showed us exactly how to use the online class program. My positive experiences haven’t changed since the first class. I continued to take international classes and kept in touch with the students from China. My overall experience throughout the three classes was fantastic to say the least. I highly recommend online classes with Stanford to anyone wanting to try new things, learn, and enhance their learning experience.


Since it is summer, I decided to collage some of my favorite summer clothing prints…



Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!


These are some new photographs I have taken in the past week. Thank you, Elsie, for modeling!


Countdown to Launch!

As you may have noticed, on the right bar there is a countdown to the 23rd. That’s when this blog is LIVE to the world. There will be…

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  • this new theme (Adelle. I love it!)
  • more pictures + posts
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I have categorized this post in The Scribbling Pixie’s Fantastic Idea because it is a fantastic idea. ­čÖé Be sure to tell your friends about The Scribbling Pixie and tell them to enter the cookie contest!!!

Weekend Aspirations and More

This weekend I hope to accomplish three important things:

1) Re-paint nails using one of these techniques

2) Get started making a braided rug, and

3) Get started with this art project from A Beautiful Mess.

I might post pictures of what I have done on Sunday or Saturday.


Earlier today, I read the final (sniff) Trylle book, Ascended. I enjoyed the books very, very much; they are exciting, entertaining, and filled with details and amazing characters.


Happy Days and New Looking Shoes

I forgot to write a post for Pi Day! You know, 3.14.13! Get it?

pi-dayPi = 3.14159265

Also, to make sure I DO NOT forget, here’s an early St. Patty’s Day picture…

"The Wearing of the Green"


Today I refashioned a pair of flats. I bought them for about $3.65 at Target, tucked away on the end of an aisle. I couldn’t resist that offer. They have so many great deals there, but the chance of getting a pair that fits and look good it 50/50. So far, I’ve found 2 nice pairs. Anyway, here are my new and cute flats!

Want to refashion your flats/shoes? Find the how-to here.