Lunch, My Vintage Suitcase, and {FINALLY} the Hair Bow Tutorial

For lunch today, I made my brother and I some well-done quesadillas and a dairy free chocolate coconut milkshake. The quesadillas are pretty simple. You just shed a little mozzarella cheese onto a white corn tortilla, crush some feta cheese on top, and sprinkle a dash of garlic salt onto all that. Then, you cook it in a toaster oven (NOT a microwave!) set at the ‘toast’ setting until the cheese is golden brown. Ta da!



Here is the recipe for the dairy free chocolate milkshake:


Dairy Free Chocolate Coconut Milkshake


You’ll need:


1 tbs. dairy free hot chocolate mix

1 1/2 cups vanilla almond milk

1 drop Sweet Drops English Toffee liquid stevia OR 1 quick squirt of agave (optional)

1 scoop coconut ice cream (any flavor, I used vanilla)

A sprinkle of vanilla powder (optional)


Turn over a glass cup with a flat rim. Set rim in almond milk for a second. Then press rim into a small amount of the hot chocolate mix. Whisk together the almond milk and hot chocolate mix in a cup until combined. Whisk in the vanilla powder. Add liquid stevia or agave. Add the coconut ice cream. Enjoy!



If you aren’t dairy free, then just use your “regular” dairy-containing milk and ice cream. I’m slightly lactose intolerant, but I used whole milk mint chip ice cream. Have fun with your milkshakes! Dip the rim in honey, agave, jam, or peanut butter for a different flavor. This milkshake recipe is mainly meant as a starting point for you guys to expand on. In the comments section, you can post your variations on this recipe!


I bought a vintage suitcase at a local store for $38. I was around $40 at first, then I took a chance and waited until it went on sale. I bought it later. What a grab! (It’s for display because it’s old and I don’t want it to be damaged on plane trips.)



I finally decided to upload the pictures for the hair bow DIY like I promised. I will post them in episodes. Today I am showing the first 4 steps. Keep checking for the next parts!



Well, this has to be the longest post ever! I hope you liked it. Don’t be afraid to comment and be sure to like and follow me.



15 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom

As I cleaned up my bedroom today, I took some photos of a few of my DIY projects, shelf spaces, and other decorations and set ups. I compiled a 10 Ways to Decorate Your Bedroom photo list:



Here is the link to the Word Board DIY.

My Accomplishments and Photo Edits

I know I’m updating you a little late, but I accomplished these things as of today:

1) Re-painted nails — I actually didn’t re-paint them, but I did remove the leftover polish today. See this photo (scroll down to bottom of linked page) I edited to make it look like I painted them.

2) I didn’t make a braided rug, but I did make this (see bottom of page,) and

3) I didn’t do the art project I wanted to, but I did help my brother and mom pack most of the basement.

4) I made some hair bows. My brother thinks it’s hysterical when I wear the pink one (see bottom of page) with my sunglasses.

5) I cleaned out my room.


Also, I have added a new page called Photography, under Using My Mind. Email me your fantastic photos and photo edits, and I will post them to the page under you name.


"Creativity is messy. I am very creative."

“Creativity is messy. I am very creative.”


Weekend Aspirations and More

This weekend I hope to accomplish three important things:

1) Re-paint nails using one of these techniques

2) Get started making a braided rug, and

3) Get started with this art project from A Beautiful Mess.

I might post pictures of what I have done on Sunday or Saturday.


Earlier today, I read the final (sniff) Trylle book, Ascended. I enjoyed the books very, very much; they are exciting, entertaining, and filled with details and amazing characters.


Happy Days and New Looking Shoes

I forgot to write a post for Pi Day! You know, 3.14.13! Get it?

pi-dayPi = 3.14159265

Also, to make sure I DO NOT forget, here’s an early St. Patty’s Day picture…

"The Wearing of the Green"


Today I refashioned a pair of flats. I bought them for about $3.65 at Target, tucked away on the end of an aisle. I couldn’t resist that offer. They have so many great deals there, but the chance of getting a pair that fits and look good it 50/50. So far, I’ve found 2 nice pairs. Anyway, here are my new and cute flats!

Want to refashion your flats/shoes? Find the how-to here.



Oops — I didn’t post yesterday or the day before when I was away so I’ll give a double post which includes Word of the Day, a gardening tip, a recipe, and a reminder. Today, the word is “vector”. I couldn’t think of any other word, and here’s the definition. The word “vector” actually has many different meanings and contexts. As you can probably tell, I’m running out of words to use as Words of the Day, so I came up with the Words to Use Sparingly. The word to use sparingly today is “good”. When someone asks how you are doing, I think almost 99.9% of the time we answer with “good” or “okay”. Instead, use fantastic, alright, or great.

The gardening tip today is how to make a fertilizer for indoor plants. (This is the recipe.)

Indoor Plant Fertilizer

  • Crush the rinsed eggshells of 2 eggs until they are no smaller than a 1/4″ wide each.
  • Soak the eggshell pieces in unfiltered water for 1 day.
  • Add a small handfull of aged biological soil supplement (or a healthy vegetable compost) and stir until partially dissolved or until water is colored and a little thicker.
  • Let the mixture soak for 3 hours.
  • Strain mixture using a sieve and a spoon to press the soil supplement against the sieve.
  • Water plants with “plant juice” every other day as a supplementary water. This fertilizer should not be used as water.
  • Watch your plants grow!


Will update you with a post tomorrow, and I have to go do schoolwork now. 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day all! In honor of the holiday, I wrote this whole post in RED. For my third post, I am including a craft.

Keychain Craft

You’ll need:

One 10” long, thin nylon cord OR a thick thread (such as embroidery floss), any color


A bead, coin with a hole in it, or charm

One small carabiner 


1. Cut the cord into 4 equal pieces. 

2. Tie 3 of the cord or thread sections together and braid them (not too tightly), then tie off at end.

3. If the end of the cord or thread is melted to prevent fraying, then cut the tip off. Then pull one of the threads to make the end fray and frizz out. Do this to all 3 ends.

4. Pull the remaining cord or thread piece into a ‘U’ shape, loop the charm/coin/bead through the cord and then tie the ends. 

5. Clip the braided cord or thread section into the carabiner by wiggling it through the braid. Clip the “charm” loop into the carabiner as well.

6. Clip the carabiner onto your backpack or purse!

I wasn’t using a nylon cord (like the type used for parachute cord bracelets) but a satiny and smooth kind. I think that embroidery floss would work, although it may have trouble fraying.

I’ll try to do a post a day with either a recipe, craft, review, or gardening tip, but I can’t guarantee it. I’ll leave you with this — check out for an adorable Valentine’s Day picture!