New Plants and More!

I missed three days of posting but here’s something to catch you up. Today, I got a package of organic carrot seeds and a couple new plants! I should’ve mentioned this already — I love plants and growing things. I have a palm, fern, three sprouting date pits, two apple seeds, aloe vera, an air plant, and two new additions: Frank the zebra plant and Fenoria the Golden Barrel cactus. However ridiculous it may sound, one of my very favorite stores ever is a home improvement store, such as Home Depot or Lowes, where I can get plants and wood and paint and brushes and inspirational supplies. This is the Top Five Stores list…(I like lists.)

l. a tie between a home improvement store and an antique store
2. an antique store (selling books, glass jars, china dishes, furniture, mirrors, records, anything like that)
3. a thrift store (selling clothing or books)
4. a tie between the theater and museums
5. the mall (selling clothes or chocolates)

I also enjoy hiking around ghost towns and visiting old shops in small, old mountain towns, to add to my weirdness.