On the Day I Died

by Candace Fleming

Photo credit:  books4yourkids.com

Photo credit: books4yourkids.com

Candace Fleming’s On the Day I Died is not for the faint-hearted. When teenage Mike Kowalski is driving home late at night, a strange girl stops him on the road. She brings him the cemetery where she is buried, where Mike realizes with horror that she’s a ghost. The other ghosts from the cemetery gather round. Before he can protest, they tell Mike he can’t leave until their death stories are heard. Edgar is obsessed by “ponderings” that take over his mind and body. Tracy  is taken up by a hoarding and murderous aunt with a gruesome and grisly secret. Evelyn finds the deadly Contarini Looking Glass hidden at the Chicago World’s Fair, and it becomes her demise. Those, and six other terrifying stories from the grave, shouldn’t be read at night. On the Day I Died is an entertaining, although eerie and wickedly gripping novel by Candace Fleming. Prices start at $12.80, BarnesandNoble.com.