Cinnamon Apple Muffins, Hot Chocolate, and Cold Weather

A while ago, my mom made gluten free cinnamon apple muffins and I took a photo. The photo, until now was buried under others in my phone’s photo library. So here it is!


We also went to Starbucks and my hot chocolate was looking especially post-worthy…



And last, but not least, I captured the great cold weather that I love in a photo from the car yesterday.


Now back to school.


“Pineapple Juice” and the Word of the Day

Some people are allergic to pineapple juice (which is expensive when not in season) but I rarely drink it because apple and orange juice are much more cost-effective. One day, by complete accident, I made a pineapple flavored drink!

Orange-apple (pineapple)

Orange-apple (pineapple)


How to make it:


A glass

Orange juice

Apple juice



Mix 3 parts of apple juice with 1 part of orange juice in glass. Stir with spoon. Enjoy!

In my opinion, it tastes kind of like pineapple juice but could be modified. Post your comments and changes in the comments field on the Recipes page!
Okay, today the word of the day is plentiful. Why, you ask? Because plentiful is a word that should be used more. People say “a lot” or “a “ton” but rarely use plentiful. Think about it…plentiful. It has a nice ring to it. It sounds educated. Thoughtful. That’s why plentiful is the word of the day.
Don’t forget to try out the pineapple juice recipe! 😉