Weekend Aspirations and More

This weekend I hope to accomplish three important things:

1) Re-paint nails using one of these techniques

2) Get started making a braided rug, and

3) Get started with this art project from A Beautiful Mess.

I might post pictures of what I have done on Sunday or Saturday.


Earlier today, I read the final (sniff) Trylle book, Ascended. I enjoyed the books very, very much; they are exciting, entertaining, and filled with details and amazing characters.



A Confession and Making Cheese

Yesterday, I borrowed a trilogy from a friend. I started reading the first book, Switched, on the ride home. Then, — here’s the confession part — I stayed up until almost 1:00 am reading it. The three books are Switched, Torn, and Ascend by Amanda Hocking. I have to tell you, (although I can only speak for the first book), I LOVED it. I will definitely be doing a review for these books. Well, that’s my confession.


Today, after lessons and an appointment, and after reading the ending of Switched and the beginning of Torn, I helped my mom make cheese. First, she stopped at the grocery store to pick up 1 gallon of whole milk (because we drink almond milk and soy milk), and then warmed it on the stove in a pot. Then, I added 16 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. The reasoning behind adding 16 tablespoons of vinegar is that you add one tablespoon of vinegar per cup of milk. There are 16 cups of milk in 1 gallon. Anyway, I then stirred and stirred the apple cider vinegar into the milk on the stove, which of course created precipitate, or separation of the milk and vinegar into little flaky pieces. I kept stirring, and soon the little pieces turned into bigger clods and stuck together more. In a bit, the curds became a single, lumpy cheese. Over a thin strainer and a large bowl, we dumped out the clearish whitish liquid — whey — out, leaving the curds in the strainer. My mom used a metal ladle and her hands to press any leftover whey out. She kept pressing, and most of the whey was strained out. Right at this point, we forgot to add salt into the curds, but you should, along with any herbs for flavor. She then quickly transferred the pressed curds into a clean, linen dishtowel on a plate. With her hands, my mom shaped the cheese into a circle. Voila!! Cheese is done. Don’t forget to refrigerate once you’ve tasted it.

This recipe will be available on the Recipes page soon. Tell me how your cheese turned out!