My Accomplishments and Photo Edits

I know I’m updating you a little late, but I accomplished these things as of today:

1) Re-painted nails — I actually didn’t re-paint them, but I did remove the leftover polish today. See this photo (scroll down to bottom of linked page) I edited to make it look like I painted them.

2) I didn’t make a braided rug, but I did make this (see bottom of page,) and

3) I didn’t do the art project I wanted to, but I did help my brother and mom pack most of the basement.

4) I made some hair bows. My brother thinks it’s hysterical when I wear the pink one (see bottom of page) with my sunglasses.

5) I cleaned out my room.


Also, I have added a new page called Photography, under Using My Mind. Email me your fantastic photos and photo edits, and I will post them to the page under you name.


"Creativity is messy. I am very creative."

“Creativity is messy. I am very creative.”