Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day all! In honor of the holiday, I wrote this whole post in RED. For my third post, I am including a craft.

Keychain Craft

You’ll need:

One 10” long, thin nylon cord OR a thick thread (such as embroidery floss), any color


A bead, coin with a hole in it, or charm

One small carabiner 


1. Cut the cord into 4 equal pieces. 

2. Tie 3 of the cord or thread sections together and braid them (not too tightly), then tie off at end.

3. If the end of the cord or thread is melted to prevent fraying, then cut the tip off. Then pull one of the threads to make the end fray and frizz out. Do this to all 3 ends.

4. Pull the remaining cord or thread piece into a ‘U’ shape, loop the charm/coin/bead through the cord and then tie the ends. 

5. Clip the braided cord or thread section into the carabiner by wiggling it through the braid. Clip the “charm” loop into the carabiner as well.

6. Clip the carabiner onto your backpack or purse!

I wasn’t using a nylon cord (like the type used for parachute cord bracelets) but a satiny and smooth kind. I think that embroidery floss would work, although it may have trouble fraying.

I’ll try to do a post a day with either a recipe, craft, review, or gardening tip, but I can’t guarantee it. I’ll leave you with this — check out Bing.com for an adorable Valentine’s Day picture!