Oops — I didn’t post yesterday or the day before when I was away so I’ll give a double post which includes Word of the Day, a gardening tip, a recipe, and a reminder. Today, the word is “vector”. I couldn’t think of any other word, and here’s the definition. The word “vector” actually has many different meanings and contexts. As you can probably tell, I’m running out of words to use as Words of the Day, so I came up with the Words to Use Sparingly. The word to use sparingly today is “good”. When someone asks how you are doing, I think almost 99.9% of the time we answer with “good” or “okay”. Instead, use fantastic, alright, or great.

The gardening tip today is how to make a fertilizer for indoor plants. (This is the recipe.)

Indoor Plant Fertilizer

  • Crush the rinsed eggshells of 2 eggs until they are no smaller than a 1/4″ wide each.
  • Soak the eggshell pieces in unfiltered water for 1 day.
  • Add a small handfull of aged biological soil supplement (or a healthy vegetable compost) and stir until partially dissolved or until water is colored and a little thicker.
  • Let the mixture soak for 3 hours.
  • Strain mixture using a sieve and a spoon to press the soil supplement against the sieve.
  • Water plants with “plant juice” every other day as a supplementary water. This fertilizer should not be used as water.
  • Watch your plants grow!


Will update you with a post tomorrow, and I have to go do schoolwork now. 😉